Time for a Change

After some consideration I have decided it is time to integrate and rejuvenate my blog space. I’m kind of getting into the minimal-is-good mode. Blame it on my new running style.

About 2 years ago I decided to take this blogging thing seriously in support of my writing. For reasons that seemed very correct at the time, I created three different presences. One for my writing, one for running and one for photography and other graphic endeavors. I love running, writing, music, taking pictures and a slew of other things. They all contribute to what makes me whole.

Words on the page

Words on the page

As I published my first book (SYN:FIN) I read a lot about what a blog should do and how you  should approach it as a means to support your enterprise. There were a lot of recommendations on how to use social networking to leverage blogging, tweeting and links to your books. I started following other authors and watching their activity. Being an intelligent ape, I tried to see what they were doing so I could copy it for my own success. To tell you the truth, there is so much going on in the world of social media that I am not sure anyone really has a handle on it. Clearly, there are some very successful people out there (John Locke comes to mind immediately).

But I struggled.  I wanted a purpose to my blog that targeted my writing. My other activities were of interest to me, but would take the light off of writing. That led to my fragmentation strategy. I have written some very good blog posts and shown some beautiful photos. The links are at the top of this page. They will remain there for a while as I reconfigure things.

Running - minimalist style!

Running – minimalist style!

About 18 months ago I decided to change my running style from wearing technical shoes to running miminalist.  It took a freaking year to let my legs and body adjust. Of course, I have been running for 40 years, so the muscles did what they needed to do. That conversion was the impetus for my second blog which chronicled that transition.

Life is a work in progress. I’ve learned a lot over the past year or two. And what amazes me is what I learned about running totally informs what I learned about writing. And my job. And my life.

None of us is that simple. So why should I segregate my blogs into separate views of me? I kept struggling with keeping the crossover of my interests from polluting posts in their separate domains. That finally led to me stopping posts for a while so I could understand better what I wanted to communicate to the world.

Then it dawned on me. Those who enjoy my writing will probably like to hear me write about what I am learning about running.  Or be enchanted with the abstract digital images I pull from the world around me.

A view from the porch, Oct 2010

A view from the porch, Oct 2010

Listen, I have lots of friends who run multiple blogs and do it very well and for good reason. For me, I don’t think it makes sense anymore.

That means you all will get to see other aspects of my life. Hear about how my body responds to the workouts I put it through.

Loud is good!

Loud is good!

See the colors and compositions that populate my mind. Let me rant about how my fingers stumble on a fretboard as I try to learn a new fingering. You will get my observations.  If nothing else I am a very observant person. That doesn’t include the piece of trash I left on the counter that I will walk by five or six times and not notice. I am a man, after all. I’m too busy observing to notice shit like that.

I’m pretty excited about taking this new path. I think it will be a fun ride.  I’m glad you are going to join me. Welcome, again!

More than anything I want to hear from you!  I love to read your comments, good, bad or otherwise. Check out the links to the other blogs and get caught up. If that sounds like a homework assignment, it is.

Run Free!  


5 thoughts on “Time for a Change

  1. II have one website/blog where I can post about all the things that make me a quirky individual. I tend to stay away from blogs where all someone does is talk about the mechanics of writing (or a variation thereof). I want to know more about who they ARE not just that one thing they DO. We are all a unique, beautiful mixture of many facets that make us sparkle and shine just a little differently than someone else. I like sparkly. I like it a lot. 😀

  2. Jerry – Sometimes the “expert” bloggers forget that we are people first and that not all of us going to make or want to make money from our blogs. Yes finding a niche is nice, but I have a feeling that readers want to know the whole us, the things that make us tick beyond the the silos that separate blogs create – as long as we don’t over do it. 🙂

    I have fought this internal battle a couple of times and I find that I always that come back to primarily using one blog for everything. The experts sometimes have great advice for improving your blog, but as a writer your product is you. The person behind the words that you publish is what your readers want to know more about.

    Who knows maybe I am all wet and certainly not an expert, but I want to use my blog to be my social media base of operations, where people who find me on Twitter, Google +, Facebook or whatever the social media platform du jour is, can learn more about who I am.

    Long comment on what could have been said simply, I like the direction you are going 🙂

    • Harold, your perspective is always appreciated. I like the concept of the blog at the center of your social media efforts. now that I’ve started to re-think my approach, I am coming up with more ideas. Thanks for your comment.

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