Spring is my favorite season.

The whole idea of rebirth and regeneration, but different makes me happy. I love the change of seasons in New England. They are real and inevitable. The weather this year has been strange. I have thermal whiplash from 20+ degree changes day to day.

Spring persists. It is coming even as I hear of 10 inches of snow falling in the northern plains. Red buds color the canopy of the forest surrounding our house. I take off my glasses and the blur looks like a cloud of life falling down on the trees. It reminds me that change is constant and welcome.

Spring is springing

Spring is springing

This morning the sun rose, filtered by scattered clouds. The air was cool and crisp, laden with a slight mist as if the trees had been working out. Light tickled a cluster of buds, the reddish glow giving a backdrop of new growth to an old tree. It reminds me of how tightly coupled I am to this earth and its whims. The thought makes me smile.

I took this shot with my Nikon and loaded it into Photoshop but kept coming back to the original shot with no adjustments. It is exactly as it should be. No image alteration or enhancement needed. I consider it a gift.

Happy Spring!

Run Fee!


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