Being Grateful

It has been a difficult time here in New England. Between hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook, strange weather and, now, the Boston Marathon atrocity, we’ve been put to the test.

I woke early, which is my habit, and sat with a cup of coffee not as focused on the work staring back at me from my computer as normal. My eyes looked out to the rising sun and this is what I saw.

A reminder…

Sunrise Reminder

Sunrise Reminder





4 thoughts on “Being Grateful

  1. Thanks for this, Jerry. So sorry for all the tragedy and I’m wishing I could take it all away, all the hurt and the pain. Stay strong and know there are multitudes out here supporting you, pulling for ya. It’s true.

  2. Thanks, Valerie. Your good thoughts are much appreciated. The thing is, we aren’t indulging in self-pity. We all grieve deeply for the senseless loss of life, but find strength in the support we give each other. The sunrise reminded me that healing has already begun. Good people like you are a big part of that.

    On a personal note, as a runner the Boston Marathon tragedy touched something personal. I know you understand the feeling because you are a runner. Running, like music, is something we all share – across all lands and all ages.


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