Vote For Me!

I need your help. You need to (notice you have no option) leave a comment and tell me how to accomplish my target run.  Let me explain.

I made a commitment in my last post.  Well, actually, the one before the last. I plan to run 60K in one day later this fall. All the miles between now and then are dedicated to The Hole in the Wall Gang, a great organization with a cause that is dear to my heart.


I run because I love to. Simple as that.

Photo Jun 05, 12 07 09 PM

NOTE: It took a few attempts to get a shot of myself running correctly framed. I am sure the cars that passed me thought I was doing some new form of yoga. Namaste dude!

I want to celebrate that I can run. I want to honor those who may not be as fortunate. Those I most sympathize with are kids who have had part of their childhood take from them because of serious illness.

All kids run. It is in our DNA to run and somewhere along the line we lose the connection. Look at a toddler who is just learning to walk, they don’t go slow. As soon as they put two steps together they are waddle-running all over the place driving their parents crazy.  On playgrounds and in backyards we run around playing games. Then it seems to stop. We become too cool. We start to hear other people talk about running as work and exercise and if we aren’t going to enjoy school work, why the hell would be enjoy running work?

Rant over. Well, just suspended for a short while.

As you can tell, my consciousness is turning towards kids and running. I don’t know where it will lead, but there is an unrelenting, albeit subtle, force acting on me.

Back to the regularly scheduled program…

On June 23 I turn 60 years old. That day I am running the Fairfield Half Marathon.  There is some good karma for this race since it happens to fall on my actual birthday. Just another pull by that force. A wake up call telling me that I have something to do.

This race is the start of a path toward the 60K run in the fall. Whether I have actual races in that path, I don’t know.  Here’s why. Where I live most of the organized races are 5Ks and they are not very close to the town I live in. It doesn’t fit in my head to drive 45 minutes or more so I can run for 30 and then drive back.

I’m not complaining, just explaining. I love the wooded territory in which I live (do you like that grammatically correct turn of the sentence?).

Photo Jun 03, 12 26 32 PM

Pretty nice, isn’t it?

What do I need from you?

I ask that you go to my FB page and vote for one of two options I have to run my 60K.

Option 1 is for me to run an “official” marathon, like the Hartford or NYC, and tag 11 miles on to the beginning or end (maybe even the day before) to make the 60K.

Option 2 is for me to run along my local roads and trails and rack up the miles close to home.

You can also leave a comment on this post and tell me what you think. Remember, this all about having fun and exploring new territory. I’m not doing this because it is hard. I’m doing it because I want to enjoy life from a different perspective. Yeah. It sounds strange. To that end, I do reserve the right to make the final call on the venue.

Now – go vote!

Run Free!



8 thoughts on “Vote For Me!

  1. We think you should do Option 2 and map your run by making a shape or spelling out a word for the cause 🙂 Plus you’ll get all caught up in the marathon activity and energy and it becomes less about you. Great going! Do Epic Runs supports you 100% 🙂

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