What I Do In The Real World

I am an author and a runner. Most of what I blog about centers on those two parts of my life. My alter-ego is as an Information Technology professional. I spend a lot of my life in that space, so I’ve decided to start posting some of my thoughts and ideas on LinkedIn.

Today was my first post and it is about the changing role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). You can read the full post here, it is entitled The 3 Roles of the CIO – The Evolution Continues.  As in my writing, the reason for my getting this idea is that I am a keen observer. When I started to pull together several factors that were all happening in unison, the need for a new role for the leadership of IT became clear. So, what is driving this need:

  • Smart devices are everywhere. For the first time a consumer product is leading IT
  • The network has become ubiquitous
  • We are entering the Internet of Things (IOT). That is the phrase coined to capture the reality that everything is now connected and some form of processing that can be mapped. This changes the customer base of the CIO. A refrigerator is now something that needs to managed as a networked device.
  • Security is no longer confined to access gateways and running anti-virus scripts. It has to be much more proactive and include those damn refrigerators!

It is a new way to looking at what the CIO role needs to encompass as the underpinning of technology in the enterprise changes. I propose that the changing role is the next stage in evolution and that the prior roles aren’t changed, they are subsumed.

That evolution has taken the CIO from:

  • The first role: Manager of the infrastructure as a utility
  • The second role: A partner with the lines of business to deploy IT
  • The third and new role: The CIO as landlord of the IT infrastructure

I hope you take time to read the post and offer your thoughts and comments.

It is all part of what makes me me.

Run Free


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