I am a creative person.  That is why I have been involved in IT for so many years.  It just feels like science fiction – the kind I grew up reading and loving.  It is kind of fun to live in that world.

That same creativity is why I write.  It is not something I chose to do, it is something I must do, like breathing or walking.  I’ve written for a long time but waited for the right time to publish.  SYN:FIN is my first published work, but not the last.  Although technology is the backdrop of my stories, the reason for the stories are the characters.  I love to discover and rendor characters that are deep and interesting.  When I am writing, they come at me and are the reason I keep putting words to page.

When I am not writing I run, cycle, play guitar and annoy my family.  My alter ego is an IT professional who has done everything from technician to senior executive running a global organization.  Like I said, IT reality is often more exciting than fiction.

Listen.  Let me be very open here.  I hope you enjoy reading my books as much as I enjoyed creating them.  Let me know what you think because I wrote them for you!  Your feedback and support mean a lot to me.  I am looking forward to offering you more enjoyment through fiction as time goes on.



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