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You can buy SYN:FIN in either digital or paper format from:                                   Barnes&Noble


SYN and FIN.  They mark the beginning and end of every transaction we offer to cyberspace.  What if someone decided to track them all?  It can be done and Jim Harrison was the man who taught the government’s most powerful computer to do it.  Then he changed his mind and crippled the engine he helped make.  The people who sponsored him were pissed.

After three years of trying to fix what Harrison had done, the people who built the computer want him found. Why now?  What changed?  Jim comes out of hiding and risks capture to find the answers.   With the help of his adopted son, an ex-girl friend and a tantalizing FBI agent, he begins to unravel the truth.  What he discovers will shock you.  It is a fast paced ride that takes you to the edge of the possible and introduces you to some great characters.

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